Where to Go for Help

Employees have been provided with a number of places to go for assistance with compliance matters. If an employee suspects that another employee, including management, has violated the Code of Conduct, policies, procedures or any applicable local, state or federal statute, regulation, guideline or law, they should immediately report their concern following the established chain of command.

All reports of suspected violations will be treated in a confidential manner to the extent allowable by law.

1 - Immediate Supervisor or Manager
The employee’s immediate supervisor or manager should be contacted first if possible. If appropriate, others in the chain of command can be contacted.

2 –Compliance Officer
A compliance issue or concern should be reported to the Compliance Officer or the Hospital’s Risk Manger if one of the following applies:

  • The employee does not feel comfortable reporting the concern to their immediate supervisor or manager.
  • The employee is not satisfied with the response received from management to a compliance concern raised.
  • The Compliance Officer should not be used as a substitute for the Department of Human Resources nor should the established chain of command for Human Resource issues be bypassed.

3 - Compliance Hotline

If, for whatever reason, the employee feels that they cannot report the compliance concern using the internal chain of command, the employee is to contact the Compliance Hotline.

Employee participation in raising work-related concerns is important to the effectiveness of the Compliance Program. The Compliance Hotline
1.888.568.8548 provides a confidential and anonymous way to report concerns or violations of the Code of Conduct, operational policies or applicable laws or regulations.

Employees are not required to identify themselves when reporting a concern. Callers will receive a reference number, which can be used to receive information on the status of the report.

Compliance Investigation and Resolution
The Compliance Office will ensure the prompt and thorough investigation of all suspected violations and will coordinate appropriate follow-up action and resolution as indicated. All investigations will be conducted following established procedures for confidentiality.