The purpose of the Nyack Hospital Corporate Compliance Program is to develop and continuously improve processes that promote honest, ethical, and safe practices in our everyday activities.

This Code of Conduct is a resource to help guide each of us in handling both routine and non-routine situations we may encounter in our workplace. This Code of Conduct reflects our Mission, Vision and Values and helps us have a clear understanding of the business, professional and personal ethics that are expected of us in the workplace. It applies equally to everyone, whether an employee, senior management, board member, or a vendor doing business with Nyack Hospital.

A variety of resources are available to assist you in answering specific technical questions and concerns that may arise. These include policies and procedures, your supervisor, and the Human Resources Department.

In addition, you may contact the Chief Compliance Officer or the Employee Compliance Hotline at 1- 888-568-8548 to voice your concerns. The Compliance Hotline is a toll free number, available 24 hours a day and offers anonymity if you so choose.