We will not permit retaliation for reporting a perceived or potential violation of the
Code of Conduct, Nyack Hospital policies/procedures or laws/regulations, or for
participation in an investigation of an alleged violation.

No disciplinary action or other types of retaliation will be taken against any employee who, in good faith, reports a concern, issue, problem, or violation of law, regulation or the Code of Conduct to a manager or supervisor, the Compliance Officer or the Employee Compliance Hotline.

Any employee who believes that he or she has suffered retaliation for making a report should contact the Compliance Officer or call the Employee Compliance Hotline. Knowingly making a false accusation is a serious violation of organizational policy.

Individual Judgement
As you contemplate a particular situation, consideration of the following factors may help you arrive at a satisfactory answer:

  • Is my action consistent with Nyack Hospital policy?
  • Could my action give the appearance of impropriety?
  • Will the action bring discredit to any employee or to Nyack Hospital if disclosed fully to the public?
  • Can I defend my action to my supervisor, other employees and to the general public
  • Does my action meet my personal code of behavior?
  • Does my action conform to the spirit of this Code of Conduct?