The mission of Nyack Hospital is to provide competent, innovative, and accessible emergency and acute care services for the residents of Rockland County. We are caring people operating an extraordinary community hospital.


In its second century of service, Nyack Hospital will set the pace for sophisticated care in Rockland County. Getting better means all of us will be responsible for taking great care of our patients, each other, and our hospital.


Nyack Hospital’s values closely support its mission. They represent guiding principles that are not independent criteria, but rather, are an integral part of every task or interaction:

  • Safety. Safety means doing no harm to any person or property under our care. Safety is the absolute highest priority at Nyack Hospital.
  • Competence. Competence means being highly skilled and expert at what we do.
  • Courtesy. Courtesy means treating others in the same upbeat, respectful, and professional way we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Efficiency. Efficiency means making the most of the hospital’s resources by offering relevant services, correctly charging for them, and not wasting supplies.
  • Integrity. Integrity means following through on our commitments and complying with the Hospital’s Code of Conduct without exception.