Pre Registration
Pre-registration is available to all scheduled patients prior to the date of service to expedite the check-in process. After your procedure has been scheduled you will receive a call from the Admitting Department to pre-register. You may also call 845.348.2383 or 2384 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. During the pre-registration process, demographic and insurance information is obtained over the phone. Upon arrival, you will be required to sign the required statutory forms. You will also be asked to supply identification and your proof of insurance cards.

Outpatient Registration
Patients who have not registered for outpatient services and diagnostic testing must first register in the Admitting Office located adjacent to the front lobby on the ground floor.  To ensure a smooth registration process, please present your identification, insurance cards and any referral or claim forms when you register. You will be required to sign all appropriate form(s). You will then be directed to the appropriate patient care area.

Inpatient Registration
When your Physician determines that an overnight stay or longer is required, he/she will make arrangements with the Admitting Department. A representative will then contact you to obtain demographic and insurance information. Upon arrival, you must sign in at the Admitting Office, located near the main entrance of the hospital, to finalize your admission. Please present your identification, health insurance card(s) and any claim forms.

You may be asked to complete and sign the following documents:

  • Consent for treatment
  • Authorization to bill insurance
  • Acknowledgement of rights
  • HIPAA Joint Privacy Notice

Authorization of Services
Health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Many insurance companies require prior authorization. Before your arrival at the hospital for tests and procedures, you should contact your insurance company to obtain benefit and pre-certification information. Please verify that your Physician has obtained the necessary authorization/pre-certification for your scheduled surgery or procedures at the hospital. Without authorization, your insurance company may impose penalties or deny your claim. You may also be asked to reschedule your appointment.

What Should You Bring With You?
Please present identification, insurance card(s), referrals, and co-pays. You also will be required to supply an order or prescription from your Physician.

Co-Pay Deductible Responsibility
Patients are responsible for all financial liabilities on the date of service. These include deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance. If the exact dollar amount has not been determined, you will be asked to pay the estimated amount and will be billed for the balance. For non-covered services, payment in full will be requested. Payment can be made in the Admitting Department or at the Cashier’s Office located next to Admitting. Nyack Hospital accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards. We also have an ATM located near the Admitting Office on the ground floor.

Payment Information
Nyack Hospital appreciates your cooperation with our payment policies. Upon discharge, the patient accounting department will invoice your insurance company for services rendered, based on the information provided at the time of registration. If insurance information cannot be provided at the time of registration, patients should contact the Admitting Department. Prompt payment of your balance assures Nyack Hospital continued service excellence to the community.

Professional Fees
You may receive more than one bill for hospital services. Professional fees will be billed directly from Physicians for specific procedures or tests. You may also receive separate bills for Emergency Room Physicians, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists, Laboratory fees and other specialty care services.

Financial Counseling
Nyack Hospital offers extensive counseling services for those who have difficulty paying their bill. We can help establish payment plans that will allow you to pay your bill over a period of time. Additionally, Nyack Hospital offers Charity Care to those who qualify. Applications for Charity Care are available in the Admitting and Patient Accounting Departments. A representative is available to help you and your family with financial questions or concerns regarding your hospital bill and to provide any necessary assistance.

Medicaid Application Assistance
As part of our financial counseling services, Nyack Hospital will assist patients and families with application for Medicaid. Patients admitted to Nyack Hospital will be visited by a financial counselor who will provide necessary consultation. Follow-up appointments with financial counselors can also be scheduled after discharge. Our staff will work on your behalf to obtain the necessary benefits.

No Fault
In the event of an auto accident, you are required to notify your insurance carrier as soon as possible. Your carrier will assign a claim number and an adjuster to handle your claim. New York State regulations require all claims be filed within 45 days of the date of service. It is important that you provide all available information to the Admitting Department.

Worker’s Compensation
All work-related injuries must be reported to your employer. Your employer will provide you with a Claim Number, Name and Address of their Worker’s Compensation Carrier. Please provide this information upon registration.

Important Numbers
Main Number:                          845.348.2000

Pre-Admission Testing:             845.348.2905
Radiology Screening:                845.348.2450
Women’s Imaging:                    845.348.8551
Wound Care:                            845.348.7600
Pain Management:                    845.348.2243

Pre-Registration:                       845.348.2383 or 2384
Billing Questions:                      845.348.6639
Financial Counseling:                845.348.2897/2893
Directions:                                845.348.2298