In May, The American Trauma Society, in collaboration with the Society of Trauma Nurses recognizes National Trauma Month.  This year’s theme is “Playing it Safe.”

Sports injuries aren’t just for athletes. Children playing team sports, adults getting fit and recreational enthusiasts are all at risk for an injury if they are not properly prepared.  Warming up, drinking enough liquids, and wearing well fitting equipment can help avoid potential injuries or minimize their impact. 

As an Area Trauma Center, Nyack Hospital is on the forefront of caring for people with traumatic injuries, which can include everything from vehicle accidents to sports injuries.  Our Emergency Department staff encourages safe practices for all activities that have the potential for harm and offers some tips on how to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Concussions. What are they, how to recognize them and how to keep your children safe.

Sachin Shah, MD, MBA, FAAEM, Medical Director Emergency Medicine Services

Facial Protection – Mouth Guards for all sports.

Mark Papish, MD, FAAEM and Assistant Director Emergency Medicine Services

Bike Helmets – Fashionable and functional if they fit well and are worn correctly.

Sasndyh Katz, MD, Emergency Department Physician Pediatric Division

Buckle Up – Seat Belts Save Lives.

Jennifer M. Pastiglione, MSN, RN, APN, Trauma Program Manager

Playgrounds – Keeping Your Child Safe.

Bruce Henry, MD, Emergency Department Physician Pediatric Division

Treating Sports Injuries – what you need to know.