What patients say about us is a powerful tool in measuring our performance. It tells us how you think we’re doing and it helps us identify areas where we can improve.

At Nyack Hospital, we measure patient satisfaction by contracting with Press Ganey Associates to conduct mail surveys of random samples of our patients throughout the year.

The surveys ask our patients to rate their satisfaction with every aspect of their experience at Nyack Hospital, including the admission process, attention to privacy and concern by the clinical staff, tests and treatments, patient rooms, meals, nurse and physician communication and noise level.

A score of 5 is “very good”, while a score of 1 is “very poor.”  At Nyack Hospital, we always want your experience to be a “5” and will make every effort throughout your visit to meet that goal. 

We truly value our patients’ opinions and continuously review this important information to improve the way we care for you. 

2001 - 2010 4th Quarter
Emergency Room Inpatient


2001 - 2010 3rd Quarter
Emergency Room Inpatient