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Mobile devices, and their users, are inherently more anonymous than traditional digital consumers, such as those using desktops and laptops.

As a result, consumer behavior is harder to track and interpret on mobile. Mobilewalla has created an entirely new class of data science techniques to peel away this “cloak of invisibility”, enabling marketers achieve 1-to-1 addressability of consumers on mobile.

70 PB

of mobile consumer data and growing

Mobilewalla processes this massive, ever-growing data to compute consumer profiles and segments.

1.1 billion

Consumer footprints captured

Mobilewalla observes mobile behavior of hundreds of millions of consumers across the world, multiple times, daily. 487 M devices observed in the US alone from 300 million consumers

50 million

User actions recorded per day

Mobilewalla records every consumer action in response to campaigns that are powered by its data. This feedback forms the basis of computing CTA affinity and engagement context of consumers