Each Mobilewalla Segment is a collection of mobile devices (and associated data about their users), that satisfies a specific consumer targeting criterion

Criteria could range from the super-simple (e.g., female) to highly nuanced (e.g., moms with kids incharter schools).

Composed of directly addressable device IDs – not “statistical”, or “fingerprinted” IDs available in the marketplace, known to be imprecise

At a scale unprecedented in the industry

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Mobilewalla Segments are derived from the hundreds of millions of mobile consumer profiles created and maintained by Mobilewalla

These profiles are created by gathering and analyzing vast amounts of mobile usage data.

These profiles yield high-value consumer segments in a number of verticals including telecommunications, consumer electronics, CPG, automobile, F&B, e-commerce and government/politics.

Mobilewalla’s segments are largely experiential, and not simply inferential.

Collecting, interpreting and making sense out of massive amounts of anonymous & noisy mobile data are daunting problems – Mobilewalla’s proprietary technology defines the state of the art in this area


Age, gender, Income

Education, has kids


Likes fashion, Auto enthusiasts

Home & Work addresses

Location preferences

System Affinities

Mobile handset, OS ,OS version

Connection type, Telco connection

IP Address, Broadband provider

Engagement Context

Time when a user is likely to react

Media that gives best outcomes

Each Mobilewalla Segment is a collection of mobile devices (and associated data about their users), that satisfies a specific consumer targeting criterion

Criteria ranging from the super-simple (e.g., female) to highly nuanced (e.g., moms with kids in charter schools)

Composed of directly addressable device IDs – not the imprecise “statistical”, or “fingerprinted” IDs available in the marketplace

At a scale unprecedented in the industry

No others in the industry provide directly addressable, mobile-first segments at scale


Frequent mall visitors

Fashion Lovers


High Data Users


Mobilewalla Data drive extraordinary outcomes

Personal Computing Global Major (US)

Goal 30% Click-To-View (CTV)

Most vendors fail

Mobilewalla data drives upwards of 50%

Segments: Parents of Teenagers, Back-to-school moms

CPG/FMCG Global Major (Malaysia)

Typical Goals: Engagement (Earned Media), Leads

Average engagement earned per dollar (AEPD) < 2 sec
by all other vendors

Mobilewalla driven AEPD > 11 sec

Segments: Malay women, Fashion Enthusiasts, Women
who like to go out

Major Telecom Service Provider (US)

Goal: $350 Cost-Per-Subscription (CPS) for the home broadband product

Few vendors met goals successfully

Mobilewalla data delivers sub $300 CPS – the best performance ever observed by client

Segments: Latin Americans, Users of Competitive services

Global Financial Major (Vietnam)

Drive Credit Card Acquisition

Best Performance-to-date: $38/lead

Mobilewalla data drives: $28/lead

Segments: High Net Worth Individuals, Customers of Major Banks

Mobilewalla creates, maintains and continually refines two kinds of segments for its clients & partners

Syndicated Segment

These are a collection of predefined segments that have been created based on customer demand and are available generally

Custom Segment

These are segments whose definitional criteria are proposed by specific partners and the segments are made available to only that partner

Mobilewalla specializes in creating segments that fit the exact requirements of your campaign. While the possibilities are only limited by your requirements, below are some recent examples.

Commuting Professionals
Sports Regulars
Religious affiliations
College Students
Segment Description

Employees who commute 30 miles or more everyday for work

Example: Live in New Hampshire, but works in Massachusetts

NASCAR enthusiasts

NFL, MLB, NBA regulars


People seen around religious institutions regularly (twice or more weekly)

Devices seen around colleges, who are tracked to a home location in college dorms

Sample Execution and Results

Successfully delivered the niche targeted campaign for a 2016 US Presidential candidate

5 point increase (~ 2X) in candidate’s approval rating among this group in 7 days

Targeted and re-targeted people seen consistently around NASCAR venues

3 times increase in video-views

Targeted Evangelical Christian Churchgoers

75% increase in viewership for large Religious TV Network

Successfully reached college Students in Pennsylvania

1,000 applications for Credit Union acct

Mobilewalla Segments may be consumed in three ways

Direct server to server integration with Mobilewalla (API-based)

Through packages (Deal ID based) delivered through supply partners with whom
you are already integrated (e.g. Opera, Pubmatic)

Through 3rd party DMPs (e.g., Oracle Audience Data Marketplace)

Syndicated Segments

CPM, or

Revenue Share

Custom Segments

Consists of three components

Creation Cost (per-device)

Refinement/Maintenance Cost

Access Cost (CPM)